WHOA-HIO Approved for Kentucky Horse Breeders’ Incentive Fund Eligible Shows

The Walking Horse Owners' Association (WHOA) is proud to announce that the WHOA-HIO has been approved by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission to affiliate shows that are eligible to distribute prize monies from the Kentucky Horse Breeders' Incentive Fund.  With this approval, the WHOA-HIO becomes the fourth approved horse Industry organization in the program.

Established in 2005, the Kentucky Horse Breeders' Incentive Fund consists of 7 percent of all taxes collected for breeding a stallion to a mare in the state of Kentucky. The fund is often referred to as "Non-Race" because it is set aside for all other breeds to earn money competing in shows and contests, rather than racing.  Last year $223,388 was distributed to Walking Horse owners in Kentucky through the program.

Over the past several years, WHOA's presence in Kentucky has been blossoming.  It's 2015 schedule includes an impressive 11 Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund eligible shows.  With the WHOA-HIO's new status as a KHBIF approved HIO, there is little doubt that WHOA's activities in Kentucky will continue to grow.

WHOA Introduces “Happy Trails” Program

Happy Trails Brochure

Murfreesboro TN - The Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA) “Happy Trails” Program is the perfect program for anyone that enjoys trail riding. As a “Happy Trails” participant you are one of our most effective representatives, promoting WHOA on the trail. Whether you enjoy participating in large organized trail rides, riding out with a small group of friends, or just touring your own neighborhood, we want to reward and recognize you for the hours you spend enjoying your horse and representing WHOA on the trail.


 The program is open to all Tennessee Walking Horses, registered or unregistered.

  1. The program is also open to any other gaited breeds.

  2. The program has three age divisions - Youth 17 & Under, Adult, and Elite 60 & Over.

  3. The rider must be a WHOA member.

  4. There is no limit to the amount of time taken to achieve award hours.

  5. Awards are based on hours logged.

  6. Hours logged must be hours spent in forward motion while riding the horse.

  7. A rider can enroll as many horses as they wish in the program however a separate enrollment form and log sheets must be submitted for each horse the individual rides.


New “Happy Trails” participants receive a welcome gift followed by special certificates, patches, and awards as hours are accrued to each award level. Participants will also be recognized in WHOA’s upcoming online newsletter.

Award Levels

50 Hours

100 Hours

250 Hours

500 Hours

750 Hours

1,000 Hours

1,500 Hours

2,000 Hours

For more information and to download and print your “Happy Trails” enrollment form visit "Quick Links" or call WHOA at 615-494-8822.

Register of Merit

If you are finished showing for this season ------- IT IS TIME TO SEND IN YOUR "Register of Merit" POINT BOOK.

Please send the ROM Booklet to:

Sis Osborne
3079 Pulaski Hey
Cornersville, TN 37047

By sending your ROM directly to Sis you save both time and postage for WHOA as the WHOA Office will have to redirect your package thus delaying your return.

Thanks for your help thru out the year and don't forget to send SIS your current email. Send it even if you feel she has your email.

To reach Sis email her at:

If you would be interested in having a WHOA VERSATILITY SHOW in your area please let Sis know. Please include in your email, who might be willing to help in your area. There is always need for many workers such as; gate men or woman, ribbon girls, runners for sheets to the DQP, people to help take entries, AND of course folks to do the local pre-show work such as scouting out arenas and show and show facilities. All of these things are much needed and have to be decided on before the show.

With you being familiar with the local area you could help in this way.

Remembering Sam Stockett

The Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA) extends its deepest condolences to the friends and family of longtime Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiast and WHOA co-founder Sam Stockett. Sam passed away the evening of October 21, 2013, at his home following an extended illness.
A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Sam Stockett began his involvement with horses at the age of five. When he was eight years old, he made his first show ring appearance aboard a Shetland pony, three years later he made the transition to Tennessee Walking Horses. He was guided in those early years by legendary horseman J. H. Noblin. His foundation in the breed was strong, leading him to a life devoted to its betterment.
As a breeder of top-quality Tennessee Walking Horses, Sam was virtually unparalleled. In 1979 he purchased the stallion that would forever cement his name in the annals of Tennessee Walking Horse history – Pride’s Royal Master. This son of Pride Of Midnight was three years old when Sam acquired him from Tom Jones of Franklin, Tennessee. Following a very successful show career, Royal Master was retired full-time to the breeding barn where he quickly made a name for himself. As a testament to Sam’s knowledge of the breed, each and every one of Royal Master’s first crop of seven foals made successful show horses. This success encouraged Sam to focus even more intently on breeding and he redoubled his efforts to assemble a band of high-caliber broodmares. By the mid to late 1980s this band included such standouts as Tiger Lilly K.C.H.C, Rock’s Romance, Bum’s Caper, and Delight’s Ideal. Crossing his mares with Royal Master, he produced contenders such as Royal Label, Royal Seal, and Royal’s Dark Bum. Additionally, Sam found a great deal of success with his second stallion Pride’s Last Recall and he was quite the master at selecting outside stallions for his mares. In recognition of his breeding acumen, Sam Stockett was selected as a Master Breeder by the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) in 2011.
Sam will be greatly missed by all who knew him and by the Tennessee Walking Horse community at large. He was a great man, a great horseman, and great ambassador for the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. His contributions to the breed were vast and he will live on via the horses he produced and their descendants.
The funeral was held Thursday, October 24, at 11:00 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church located at 1390 North State Street in Jackson, MS.

WHOA Announces Partnership with TWHBEA

WHOA and TWHBEA To Require Correct Registration Papers

Grace Period Ends July 1, 2013 

Lewisburg, TN - The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' And Exhibitors' Association (TWHBEA) reminds all members and potential members that the current Grace Period, which allows any transfer and/or registration, no matter how delinquent, to be completed at regular stated fees without any late fees, will end on July 1, 2013.

In order to take advantage of this special, one-time offer, members must have all paperwork associated with the transaction complete by the deadline of July 1, 2013 and that paperwork must be accompanied by the appropriate payment.

As the Walking Horse Owners' Association (WHOA) will require that up-to-date, complete TWHBEA registration papers be presented for each horse entered in any WHOA affiliated show effective July 1, 2013, this is the perfect opportunity for every owner to get their paperwork in order.

TWHBEA appreciates this partnership with WHOA and the efforts their members and exhibitors are making to ensure the integrity of our breed's registry.