WHOA Introduces “Happy Trails” Program

Happy Trails Brochure

Murfreesboro TN - The Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA) “Happy Trails” Program is the perfect program for anyone that enjoys trail riding. As a “Happy Trails” participant you are one of our most effective representatives, promoting WHOA on the trail. Whether you enjoy participating in large organized trail rides, riding out with a small group of friends, or just touring your own neighborhood, we want to reward and recognize you for the hours you spend enjoying your horse and representing WHOA on the trail.


 The program is open to all Tennessee Walking Horses, registered or unregistered.

  1. The program is also open to any other gaited breeds.

  2. The program has three age divisions - Youth 17 & Under, Adult, and Elite 60 & Over.

  3. The rider must be a WHOA member.

  4. There is no limit to the amount of time taken to achieve award hours.

  5. Awards are based on hours logged.

  6. Hours logged must be hours spent in forward motion while riding the horse.

  7. A rider can enroll as many horses as they wish in the program however a separate enrollment form and log sheets must be submitted for each horse the individual rides.


New “Happy Trails” participants receive a welcome gift followed by special certificates, patches, and awards as hours are accrued to each award level. Participants will also be recognized in WHOA’s upcoming online newsletter.

Award Levels

50 Hours

100 Hours

250 Hours

500 Hours

750 Hours

1,000 Hours

1,500 Hours

2,000 Hours

For more information and to download and print your “Happy Trails” enrollment form visit "Quick Links" or call WHOA at 615-494-8822.