Slim Unscripted – now being printed!

Rodger Weaver's new book, Slim Unscripted is now being printed. Rodger has agreed to revert any profit (after his expense) to WHOA or to the Connie Bobo fund. Click here for the order form.


In this deeply compelling, true life story, a sheriff rids a corrupt county of inequities, along with his tag along son--Rodger Weaver. Reared in an Oklahoma jail, Rodger looked forward to his dad, the legendary Sheriff L.L. "Slim" Weaver, capturing an array of criminals, many of which made a deep impact and lasting impression on his life. Exposing fragmented lives and fascinating pasts, readers will get a nostaglic foothold on days gone by as they trail behind a sheriff with a heart as big as his stature. Sizing in at well over seven feet inclusive of boot heels and Stetson, Slim righted wrongs and gave second chances...all without a gun.

There is sadness as well. This true life narrative parallels Rodger's current personal battle, dealing with paralysis and incurable cancer, as he reflects on his childhood with a colorful and expressive account. Due to a tragic accident, after acting as a "good samaritan" to assist a fallen rider at a horse show, Rodger became paralyzed from the chest down and then learned he had untreatable cancer. Each chapter begins with his current diary entry after he was given a grim diagnosis on October Eve, 2010...two months to a year to live.

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