How to Renew Online

Several members have experienced confusion regarding how to renew online.

To avoid this confusion, take a look at your WHOA membership card from last year.

If your membership number begins with an X, you do not yet have an online account, as you did not provide an e-mail address with your registration. To renew your membership and create an online account, click JOIN WHOA on the homepage, then choose the correct membership type and complete the process.

If your membership number does not begin with an X, an online account has ALREADY been created for you. You received your account information (username and password) last year in an e-mail. To renew your membership, DO NOT CLICK JOIN WHOA. This will create a whole new account and causes multiple problems. Instead, click MEMBER LOG IN at the top. Log in with the same username and password from last year, and you will get a message that says "Your membership has expired." and a button to RENEW NOW. Click this button, then follow the instructions on the Renewal page. Your username will always stay the same. Your password will not change unless you change it.

These instructions, and answers to other common questions, can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.