2013 Honorees and Register of Merit Certificates of Achievement

Mr. and Mrs. Duke and Rhonda Thorson of Huron, OH were honored with the Dr. Bob & Elizabeth Womack Presidential Award.

Ada "Kitty" Keen of Manchester, TN was honored with the 2013 Sportsmanship Award.

The following were recognized for their accomplishments in Register of Merit. 

Diamond Bullet's Surefire Shakker Shawnee Stewart  Contest & Games
Diamond Counselors Jewel Terre Huebner  Trail Pleas Eng NC
Diamond Dolly Dumas Ada Kitty Keen/John Wright Family Showmanship & Trail
Diamond Gigolos Cowboy Cadillac Susan Ellis  Dressage
Diamond Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Games
Diamond Heavenly Vision Patricia Crisp  Showmanship & Trail
Diamond Im Angels Amazing Grace Cyndi Natzke  Contest & Trail
Diamond Prides Trigger Finger Janet Knight  Contest
Diamond Rebelation Shelby Finch  Games
Diamond Rebelation Linda Starnes  Games
Diamond Sir Albert Susan Havard  Games
Diamond Supremes Dog Soldier Cathy Gottlieb  Showmanship
Diamond Victory Trip  Linda Starnes Games & Trail
Gold Corona Gold Sandy Harris  Country Pleas West NC
Gold Designer Edition Angela Patterson  Lite Shod NC
Gold Go Boys Regis Christine Pepmeyer  Contest
Gold Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Equitation
Gold Heavenly Vision Patricia Crisp  Games
Gold Prides Trigger Finger Janet Knight  Trail
Gold Rachet Michael Crisp  Games & Trail
Gold Rebelation  Shelby Finch Jumping
Gold Sarges Choicey Boy Jessica Marlewski  Games
Gold Sir Albert Susan Havard  Dressage & Showmanship
Gold Stormys Secret Traveler Jessica Marlewski  Contest
Gold Supremes Dog Soldier Cathy Gottlieb  Trail
Gold Sweet Dixie Delight Linda Starnes  Games
Gold Texas News Laurine Marlow  Games
Gold Victory Trip Linda Starnes  Contest & Reining
Silver Dolly Dumas Ada Kitty Keen/John Wright Family Games & Reining
Silver Extra Agent Terre Huebner  Games
Silver Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Showmanship & Trail
Silver Heavenly Vision Patricia Crisp  Contest & Equitation
Silver Im Angels Amazing Grace Cyndi Natzke  Games & Stock/Field Trail Horse
Silver Leilani's Pride Chase Hasler  Showmanship
Silver Pit Stop Robyn Fahnle  Equitation
Silver Princess Power Terri Smith  English & Western Trail Pleas NC
Silver Rachet Wanda/Danny Reagan  Games
Silver Rebelation Linda Starnes  Contest & Reining
Silver Rebelation Shelby Finch  Equitation & Trail
Silver Sarges Choicey Boy Jessica Marlewski  Trail
Silver Sir Albert Susan Havard  Equitation & Trail
Silver Sweet Dixe Delight Linda Starnes  Showmanship
Silver Texas News Laurine Marlow  Contest & Trail
Silver Victory Trip Linda Starnes  Jumping
Bronze Counselors Jewel Terre Huebner  Games
Bronze Designer Edition Angela Patterson  lite Shod NC West
Bronze Dolly Dumas Ada Kitty Keen/John Wright Family West Riding
Bronze Extra Agent Terre Huebner  Contest & Lite Shod English NC
Bronze Go Boys Regis Christine Pepmeyer  Trail
Bronze Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Contest, Country Pleasure English, Promotion
Bronze Hasler's Dream Angel DLD D J Hasler  Contest & Games
Bronze Heavenly Vision Wanda  Reagan  Games, Showmanship, Trail
Bronze Miss Minnie Mac Jodi DeDecker-Bubar  Equitation
Bronze My My's Shadow Hunter Joyce  Augustine  Model Stallions
Bronze Prides Trigger Finger Janet Knight  Western Riding
Bronze Rachet Michael Crisp  Equitation & Showmanship
Bronze Rebelation Shelby Finch  Dressage, Lite Shod NC, Model, 
Bronze Rebelation Linda Starnes  Showmanship & Western Riding
Bronze Sarges Choicey Boy Jessica Marlewski  Showmanship
Bronze Supremes Dog Soldier Cathy Gottlieb  Dressage & Games
Bronze Victory Trip Linda Starnes  Reining & Western Riding