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Reservations for stalls, RV spaces and shavings should be made using the Horse Shows Online (HSO) system.  Each day a list of reservations made the previous day, is sent to the WHOA office.   Do not call the Equestrian Facility directly.  When using the HSO system, reservations for stalls, RV spaces and shavings can be made on either horse entries or barn entries.  For trainers who reserve a block of stalls, shavings and multiple RV spaces for their customers, these charges can be later be transferred to the appropriate customer invoice for billing purposes.  

The key to preventing misunderstandings is for trainers to coordinate with their customers to decide who will be making horse entries and reservations so duplicate entries and reservations do not get made.  Trainers please remember that when using the HSO system, even though you make the horse entry, you can specify on each entry who will be paying for that entry by using the “Invoice To” field in the online entry. With this system, it is no longer necessary for customers to make their own entries for the purpose of invoicing them directly . Please feel free to call Susan Paul 770-601-9289 with any questions.