WHOA Double Point Show

WHOA has announced that the "Walking for the Future" horse show in Harriman, Tennessee, September 16th & 17th will be a double point show. This is a new show on the flat shod Tennessee horse show circuit. The shows start at 6 pm each evening and will be held at the Roan State Expo Center, 276 Patton Lane in Harriman. An exhibitor's party will spotlight the bluegrass band "Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome".
Also, this weekend are the Kentucky Breeders Fund Eligible shows August 20 & 21st, both are scheduled in Franklin, Kentucky at the Kentucky Downs track. A slight change in classes should be noted for "Class 3" which will now read "All Day Pleasure, Youth, English or Western". For more information about these shows, or other shows affiliated with WHOA please see the check our Events page.

2016 International Versatility High Point Results

2016 International Versatility High Point Results

Youth 11 and Under:

1. Mallory Johnson

2. Brinkley Dew

3. Cole McCormick

Youth 17 and Under:

1. Morgan Hodge

2. Brady Bachert

3. Shelby Finch


1. Victory Trip and Linda Starnes

2.Tuff Night at the Ritz and Tracie Pinson

3. Dolly Dumas and Ada “Kitty” Keen


WHOA Gives Back Incentive Program Introduced

WHOA Gives Back Incentive Program Introduced


Murfreesboro, TN – The Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA) is pleased to introduce a new incentive program aimed at encouraging and rewarding those that regularly compete at WHOA events. Generously sponsored by WHOA Director Phyllis Langley, the program will award $500 in bonus monies in each of five divisions – All Day Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Trail Pleasure, Lite Shod, and Classic Park. The monies will awarded via a drawing at the Association’s annual awards banquet. In order to be placed in the drawing exhibitors must show in a given division at the International Grand Championships and must show a total of ten times in that division at WHOA affiliated shows throughout the year. For Country Pleasure, Trail Pleasure, Lite Shod, and Classic Park, there will be separate drawings for trainers and amateurs with one trainer and one amateur being awarded $250. For All Day Pleasure two amateurs will be awarded $250.


Please note that members of the WHOA Board of Directors will not be eligible to participate in this program.


For more information contact WHOA at joinwhoa@aol.com or 615-494-8822.

2016 Rulebook Revisions – Leg Wrap Clarification

Effective 1/1/16


8 T. Serviceable Soundness for Horse Show Purposes. All horses entered at a WHOA event must be serviceability sound. Any horse that appears to be unhealthy, dehydrated, exhausted, painful, exhibits a low body condition score, etc., may be classified as unfit to show. If the serviceable soundness of an entry is called into question by the DQP or judge they shall notify the official veterinarian and his decision shall be final. If the official veterinarian is not available or called on, then the judge’s decision as to the serviceable soundness of a horse shall be final.

13 Adult individuals who share the same residence as a professional or the immediate family of a professional are not allowed to exhibit in the All Day Pleasure or Classic All Day Pleasure classes. Note: Children of professionals are allowed to exhibit their own or immediate family member’s horse in All Day Pleasure division. No co-ownership or leases allowed.

17 CASUAL ATTIRE: Casual attire (consisting of collared shirt, long pants and boots) is allowed at WHOA Versatility/ Fun Day shows at the discretion of show

17 LEG WRAPS: Bell boots and Leg wraps covering the leg down to the hoof are permitted for lunging, but not riding while on the showgrounds. Splint boots and leg wraps that are confined to the cannon bone area are permitted when riding on the showgrounds. No wraps, splint, or bell boots are allowed in the warm up area once the horse has passed inspection. Leg wraps may be used in the stalls on the showgrounds for protective purposes. No plastic wrap allowed on the showgrounds. Wound medications may be applied on the showgrounds for medicinal purposes but must be removed before the horse goes through inspection. EXCEPTION: Versatility events. Entries participating in Versatility events may use the proper equipment for their event. Clarified 5/25/16

24 EXCEPTION: Youth related to a professional may exhibit their own or immediate family member’s horse in the All Day Pleasure division.

29 CLASSIC LITE SHOD: Classic Lite Shod division has been suspended indefinitely.

31 CLASSIC TRAIL PLEASURE: Section b. i. Added: The front legs should not break more than 45 degrees from vertical.

34 ALL DAY PLEASURE Shoeing: A maximum of 3/8” thick x ¾” wide with up to a 1/16” variance hot or cold rolled steel or aluminum shoe (both front and hind feet).

35 CLASSIC ALL DAY PLEASURE: Class ic All Day Pleasure division has been suspended indefinitely.

36 SHOWMANSHIP: Changed Section B. 1. Available in the adult and youth division.

62 WHOA DIVISION CHART: Changed All Day Pleasure shoe size to Maximum of 3/8” x ¾”. (Was ½” x 1”).

70 OAT/AOT Section 9. J. Note: OAT/AOT owners and exhibitors are allowed to participate at public clinics where a professional is the clinician as long as the
clinician does NOT ride/drive the horses.

38th Pleasure & Colt Grand Championship Reminders

The 38th Annual International Pleasure & Colt Grand Championship Walking Horse Show scheduled for July 23-30, 2016 is looking forward to a great turnout. More than 380 stalls are reserved with additions added daily.

As a reminder to all stall users - shavings for this year’s event may be pre-ordered for pre-bedding and replenishment as needed in the show office. Shavings are $7 per bag and must be paid by the assigned stall holder a check or credit card must be held or on file by show management.

Deadlines for entries are posted on the WHOA website: www.walkinghorseowners.com, and are posted in the show room office.  Late entries are subject to a late fee ($10) per entry.

Rules to remember at the International are:

No Bands Allowed

Only Clear Hoof Polish May Be Used

Quick Change Bridles and Snap On Reins are Illegal

For more information please see the WHOA website homepage then click on the International Tab.

Gaited Dressage to take Center Stage at International Grand Championships

Murfreesboro, TN – Recognizing the ever-growing popularity of Gaited Dressage and the needs of exhibitors from across the country, this year’s International Grand Championships will feature a full day schedule of Gaited Dressage and Gaited Western Dressage classes, all of which will be adjudicated by a USDF “L” graduate judge. These classes, which are listed in their entirety below, will be held starting at 12 Noon on Saturday, July 23rd, in the air-conditioned Tennessee Miller Coliseum.

First held in 1979, the International has been instrumental in the development of the Pleasure Horse Division of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry and the popularity it enjoys today. With a full seven-day schedule of classes ranging from rail work to in-hand to versatility, the International is recognized by exhibitors from throughout the nation as the leading championship show for the flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse.

For more information contact the Walking Horse Owners’ Association at 615-494-8822 or joinwhoa@aol.com. To learn more about the International Grand Championships visit http://www.walkinghorseowners.com/?page_id=96.

2016 International Grand Championships
Gaited Dressage and Gaited Western Dressage Class Schedule

Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 12 Noon

Gaited Dressage (USEF Dressage rules will apply and NWHA Tests will be used.)

Intro Level Test A

Intro Level Test A Youth 17 & Under

Intro Level Text B

Intro Level Test C

Training Level Test 1

Training Level Test 2

First Level Test 2

First Level Test 3

Second Level TOC (test of choice)

Third Level TOC (test of choice)

Gaited Western Dressage (Rules and tests will be from WWDA.)

Intro Test 2

Intro Test 3

Basic Test 2

Basic Test 3

International Grand Championships to host Service Horse Competition

Murfreesboro, TN - With the aim of promoting and rewarding those that use their horses in the service of their communities, the Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA) is proud to announce that the 2016 International Pleasure and Colt Grand Championships will host an open breed Service Horse Competition. The competition, which has no entry fee for WHOA members and only a $5.00 entry fee for non-WHOA members, is open to all service horses or potential service horses and their riders. It will be held from 8 - 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 23rd, in the air conditioned Tennessee Miller Coliseum. The competition will feature five classes - Patrol Ride, Five Team Member Formation Riding, Tandem Obstacle Course, Novice Single Person Obstacle Course, and Open Single Person Obstacle Course - with ribbons to be awarded to the first five placings, prizes for the winner of each class, and a high point award for the day’s high point service horse. WHOA invites everyone to come out and honor these dedicated horses and their human partners!

Working Plantation Horse Competition scheduled for International Grand Championships

Murfreesboro, TN – On Sunday, July 24th at 8:00 am the 2016 International Grand Championships will feature a Working Plantation Horse Competition. A showcase for the athletic ability and versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse as a working ranch or farm horse, this competition will require entrants to compete in five events – Conformation or Halter, Working Plantation Pleasure (English), Water Glass, Working Western, and Trail Obstacle. Each of these events will be judged and the competition winner will be determined by the points accumulated in all five events. A unique and challenging competition, this will no-doubt be a highlight for both exhibitors and spectators at the 2016 International Grand Championships.