“Remembering Stephen Brown”



The Tennessee Walking Horse industry has lost a great friend and advocate. Stephen Brown of Vancouver, Washington, passed away Monday, October 13, 2014, following a courageous battle with cancer.

 A Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiast for over 30 years, Steve was a fan of every facet of the breed. Over the years, he proudly showed in each division our industry has offered. As a breeder, he produced countless talented horses including world grand champion The Wicked Master. A longtime student of the breed, Steve’s knowledge of its history and of what makes a quality Tennessee Walking Horse was nearly without match. Not surprisingly, he was an accomplished horse show judge. He counted among his proudest moments, those spent judging our industry’s top shows including the Celebration, Fun Show, Mississippi State Charity Show, and the International Grand Championships. When he wasn’t judging a show, he could often be found announcing or serving as show manager. His belief in our great horse led him to promote the breed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China and Central America.

 Our industry’s associations and organizations were fortunate to benefit from the services of Steve Brown. Throughout his time in the industry he held leadership positions with a number of groups. For the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association he served multiple terms as a director and was the Owners/Exhibitors/International Vice President for three years. For two terms he served as president of the Western International Walking Horse Association. He was also a past president of the Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation and a director for the Walking Horse Owners’ Association.

 A former schoolteacher and school administrator, Steve devoted his life to helping others. He was a generous and supportive friend with an adept sense of humor. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him and by the breed that so benefited from his interest and allegiance.

International Versatility High Point Winners

Versatility High Point Division

1st       Rebelation - Linda Starnes, Brownsville, Kentucky

Reserve: Texan at the Ritz - Tracy Pinson, Bushnell, Florida

Youth 11 and Under Division

1st       Rachel Cowles, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Reserve: Mia Walker, Garden City - Missouri

Youth 12-17 Division

 1st       Shelby Finch - Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Reserve: Madison Drew - Oxford, North Carolina

Celebration Of Marietta Gambrell

Sponsored by: Southern Plantation Walking Horse Association

 Date and Time: September 20, 2014, 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Location: T. Ed Garrison Arena, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Tickets: $16.00

Ticket Purchase: Celebration tickets must be reserved no later than September 10, 20114. For more information on tickets, please contact Dr. Gene W. Wood at gwwindwalker@gmail.com.

Country and Western Music by Sorelle:  5:45pm to 6:45pm

Barbecue buffet opens at 6:30pm

Presentations begin at 7:30pm

            Certificates of Recognition and Appreciation are being requested from:

                        Clemson University

                        South Carolina Horsemen’s Council

                        Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

                        South Carolina Tennessee Walking Horse Association

                        Southern Plantation Walking Horse Association

                        South Carolina Upstate Equine Council

                        South Carolina Department of Agriculture



Deserving of Honor

The life and work of Marietta Gambrell, Liberty, South Carolina will be celebrated at the T. Ed Garrison Arena, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina on September 20, 2014. Any life lived with high acclaim for accomplishments, contributions and commitment to high ideals in human endeavor should be honored and celebrated, especially by those who have directly benefitted from those strivings. Such has been the life of Marietta Gambrell whose talents, quiet strength, patience and passion not only for horses, but also for the relationship between horses and the people who ride them, have been of national and international renown. The horse industry has benefitted greatly from Marietta’s work in breeding and training horses for a wide array of uses ranging from show rings, including pleasure classes, reining and carriage driving, to track and trails.

Among her many accomplishments in horsemanship, Marietta bred, raised, trained and showed two Tennessee Walking Horse Supreme Versatility champions and bred, raised and trained a World Champion Walking Pony. She was chosen to be a representative of the equine industry in the 1996 Olympics Parade in Atlanta and to represent the Tennessee Walking Horse Association in the a Kentucky Derby parade. She received the first Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association Pleasure Horse Ambassador Award in 1996.

Marietta’s reputation for knowledge and skills in horsemanship, as well as her high ideals, integrity and personality, have caused numerous organizations to seek her involvement and council. She was active in organizing and a charter member of both the South Carolina Horseman’s Council and the South Carolina Upstate Equine Council. She served on the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association (TWHBEA) Board of Directors for 26 years, and the Executive Committee for eight years. In addition, she once represented TWHBEA at the Equine Horse Fair in Berlin, Germany. She has judged horse shows and conducted judging and training clinics across the United States and in Canada.

Marietta served on the Board of Directors of the Horse Show Commission for three years and as Chairperson of the Judges Committee for one year. She served on the South Carolina Walking Horse Association Board of Directors for several years and is currently President of the Southern Plantation Walking Horse Association.

In support of advanced education institutions in South Carolina, Marietta has served as the equine representative on the Advisory Committee for the Clemson University Dept. of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, a building committee at the Clemson University T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena and as the on the Equine Advisory Committee for Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, South Carolina.

Finally, Marietta has also served on the Farm Bureau Advisory Committee representing the equine industry.


The Southern Plantation Walking Horse Association, the organizer and primary sponsor of the Celebration of The Life and Work of Marietta Gambrell, is searching for organizations and individuals who can join us in sponsoring this event as Marietta enters her 76th year of a life making magnificent contributions to the horse industry. Please review the list of costs that we will encounter in the Celebration and, to the extent practicable, join us in financial support of the effort to honor the life from which so many of us have benefitted.

All item specific and general sponsors will be recognized in Celebration literature. Total cost of the Celebration as itemized below and based on current bids is $3195.

If you or your organization can join us in financial support of this highly deserved celebration, please contact Dr. Gene W. Wood, 520 Windwalker Lane, Seneca, SC 29678; phone – 864.650.1742; e-mail – gwwindwalker@gmail.com.


Search for Celebration Sponsors

Sponsorships Obtained as of July 7, 2014


Music by Sorelle fee: $150 sponsored by Dr. Gene W. Wood

Music performance stage rental fee: $354 sponsored by Dr. Gene W. Wood

Security Officer

            Needed if alcohol served: about $100 sponsored by Dr. Poag Reid

Sponsorships Being Sought

T. Ed Garrison Arena concourse rental fee: $350

Tables and chairs for 160 people rental fee: $255

Support Equipment

            Stage for guest of honor and honored guests rental fee: $520

            Projector screen rental fee: $42

            Podium with built-in speaker rental fee: $106

Cash Bar (5:30pm – 7:30pm) (Will require a security officer @ about $100.)

Liquid Catering (Greenville) subcontracted to Carolina Catering

            Cash Bar setup fee                                                                                        =  $200.00

            2 bartenders for 2 hours @ $25/bartender/hr.                                           =    100.00

            Soda service 75 drinks @ $1.00 ea.                                                              =      75.00


Cash Bar subtotal = $375.00

                                                                        Sales tax                =      22.50

                                                                        Gratuity (20%)    =      20.00


                        Cash Bar total quote = $418.50


Printing of biography booklet on Marietta: $600 (approximate estimate)

Other printing costs: $300 (approximate estimate)

General Sponsorships  (cash contributions)

            Platinum: $300 or more

            Gold: $200-$299

            Silver: $100-$199

            Bronze: $50-$99

            Sunshine: $25-$49


WHOA Welcomes New Team Member

Murfreesboro TN - The Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA) is pleased to announce that Sarah Gee is now working for the Association on a freelance basis, assisting with programs and marketing efforts. Very familiar with the Tennessee Walking Horse and the walking horse industry, Sarah brings over 12 years of wide-ranging experience to WHOA. In her previous position with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) she was active in publishing, writing, graphic design, marketing, and member programs.

"We are honored to welcome Sarah to the WHOA team," President Dee Dee Miller stated, "She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to WHOA that is unique within the industry."

The Walking Horse Owners Association (WHOA), headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was founded in 1976 to represent the interests in all matters pertaining to the sound Tennessee Walking Horse. WHOA's goals are to advocate for fair and equal treatment of all members and to promote and protect the welfare of the breed. WHOA develops and supports programs that increase the value of Tennessee Walking Horses and enhances members experiences with their horses.

WHOA Membership Fee to Increase

The WHOA membership fee is scheduled to increase after June 30. The WHOA International Pleasure & Colt Show will require membership to WHOA for exhibitors. Memberships may be paid on-line on the WHOA website or by calling the WHOA office.

WHOA Forms Emergency Protocol at Germantown

WHOA Press Release

WHOA Forms Emergency Hoof Band Protocol at Germantown

The Germantown Charity Horse Show, one of the oldest and largest multi-breed events of the summer show season, brings together many of America's foremost breeds in a week-long celebration each June. This year, the USEF sanctioned, and WHOA affiliated event was deluged with record amounts of rainfall.

On Friday morning, June 7, Mark Farrar, Germantown Show Manager, reached out to WHOA and the WHOA HIO for temproary relief from the no bands rule. He cited the fact that even though the Germantown show ring is one of the best all weather and all breed facilities in the nation, extreme rainfall had necessitated that exhibitors of every discipline make changes to accommodate the compromised arena footing.

At that point, a one time exception to the hoof band rule was formed, along with an emergency protocol to accommodate Mr. Farrar's request. Those exhibitors desiring to use hoof bands were restricted to the use of the official show farrier to attach the hoof bands under the oversight of the WHOA DQP Terry Martin. Other show officials were invited to oversee that process as well. During pre- and post show inspections, Terry Martin reaffirmed that the bands were correctly placed and used appropriately. WHOA is happy to report that there were no HPA violations at this show.

"We feel that being included in the Germantown Charity Show is a great honor and opportunity to showcase the Tennessee Walking Horse in a multi-breed event," stated WHOA President Dee Dee Miller Sale. "We appreciate the fact that the owners, trainers, and show management worked together to exhibit our horses with the other breeds and horse enthusiasts. A special thank you to everyone who took their Tennessee Walking Horses to compete at Germantown."

WHOA Welcomes Manna Pro Products as Newest Sponsor

WHOA Welcomes Manna Pro Products as Newest Sponsor

Murfreesboro, TN - The Walking Horse Owners Association is proud to announce the addition of Manna Pro Products, LLC to its corporate partner lineup. Manna Pro Products, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a multi-faceted, progressive company that stands as a leader in the fields of animal health products and high quality animal nutrition. From their flagship brand, Calf-Manna®, to their newest acquisition of Corona® products, to the most popular horse treats on the market, Manna Pro products continue to be staples in barns across the country.

“We are excited to add Manna Pro to our team of corporate partners,” said WHOA President Dee Dee Miller. “It’s great to have the confidence of equine corporate leaders and we certainly appreciate Manna Pro recognizing and supporting WHOA’s endeavors. Manna Pro is a nationally known company and we look forward to a very productive partnership and welcome the opportunity for our membership to support them.

“The Walking Horse Owners Association is a vital part of the Walking Horse industry, dedicated to supporting and promoting the breed. Manna Pro is proud to be its partner, “said Jason Bachert, Vice President of Sales for Manna Pro. For more information on Manna Pro Products, please visit www.mannapro.com.

About WHOA

The Walking Horse Owners Association (WHOA), headquartered in Murfreesboro, TN, was founded in 1976 to represent the interests in all matters pertaining to the sound Tennessee Walking Horse. WHOA’s goals are to advocate for fair judging, equal treatment of all members and to promote and protect the welfare of the breed. WHOA develops and supports programs that increase the value of Tennessee Walking Horses and enhances members experiences with their horses.


2013 Honorees and Register of Merit Certificates of Achievement

Mr. and Mrs. Duke and Rhonda Thorson of Huron, OH were honored with the Dr. Bob & Elizabeth Womack Presidential Award.

Ada "Kitty" Keen of Manchester, TN was honored with the 2013 Sportsmanship Award.

The following were recognized for their accomplishments in Register of Merit. 

Diamond Bullet's Surefire Shakker Shawnee Stewart  Contest & Games
Diamond Counselors Jewel Terre Huebner  Trail Pleas Eng NC
Diamond Dolly Dumas Ada Kitty Keen/John Wright Family Showmanship & Trail
Diamond Gigolos Cowboy Cadillac Susan Ellis  Dressage
Diamond Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Games
Diamond Heavenly Vision Patricia Crisp  Showmanship & Trail
Diamond Im Angels Amazing Grace Cyndi Natzke  Contest & Trail
Diamond Prides Trigger Finger Janet Knight  Contest
Diamond Rebelation Shelby Finch  Games
Diamond Rebelation Linda Starnes  Games
Diamond Sir Albert Susan Havard  Games
Diamond Supremes Dog Soldier Cathy Gottlieb  Showmanship
Diamond Victory Trip  Linda Starnes Games & Trail
Gold Corona Gold Sandy Harris  Country Pleas West NC
Gold Designer Edition Angela Patterson  Lite Shod NC
Gold Go Boys Regis Christine Pepmeyer  Contest
Gold Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Equitation
Gold Heavenly Vision Patricia Crisp  Games
Gold Prides Trigger Finger Janet Knight  Trail
Gold Rachet Michael Crisp  Games & Trail
Gold Rebelation  Shelby Finch Jumping
Gold Sarges Choicey Boy Jessica Marlewski  Games
Gold Sir Albert Susan Havard  Dressage & Showmanship
Gold Stormys Secret Traveler Jessica Marlewski  Contest
Gold Supremes Dog Soldier Cathy Gottlieb  Trail
Gold Sweet Dixie Delight Linda Starnes  Games
Gold Texas News Laurine Marlow  Games
Gold Victory Trip Linda Starnes  Contest & Reining
Silver Dolly Dumas Ada Kitty Keen/John Wright Family Games & Reining
Silver Extra Agent Terre Huebner  Games
Silver Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Showmanship & Trail
Silver Heavenly Vision Patricia Crisp  Contest & Equitation
Silver Im Angels Amazing Grace Cyndi Natzke  Games & Stock/Field Trail Horse
Silver Leilani's Pride Chase Hasler  Showmanship
Silver Pit Stop Robyn Fahnle  Equitation
Silver Princess Power Terri Smith  English & Western Trail Pleas NC
Silver Rachet Wanda/Danny Reagan  Games
Silver Rebelation Linda Starnes  Contest & Reining
Silver Rebelation Shelby Finch  Equitation & Trail
Silver Sarges Choicey Boy Jessica Marlewski  Trail
Silver Sir Albert Susan Havard  Equitation & Trail
Silver Sweet Dixe Delight Linda Starnes  Showmanship
Silver Texas News Laurine Marlow  Contest & Trail
Silver Victory Trip Linda Starnes  Jumping
Bronze Counselors Jewel Terre Huebner  Games
Bronze Designer Edition Angela Patterson  lite Shod NC West
Bronze Dolly Dumas Ada Kitty Keen/John Wright Family West Riding
Bronze Extra Agent Terre Huebner  Contest & Lite Shod English NC
Bronze Go Boys Regis Christine Pepmeyer  Trail
Bronze Gypsy Midnight Madness Kathee McGuire  Contest, Country Pleasure English, Promotion
Bronze Hasler's Dream Angel DLD D J Hasler  Contest & Games
Bronze Heavenly Vision Wanda  Reagan  Games, Showmanship, Trail
Bronze Miss Minnie Mac Jodi DeDecker-Bubar  Equitation
Bronze My My's Shadow Hunter Joyce  Augustine  Model Stallions
Bronze Prides Trigger Finger Janet Knight  Western Riding
Bronze Rachet Michael Crisp  Equitation & Showmanship
Bronze Rebelation Shelby Finch  Dressage, Lite Shod NC, Model, 
Bronze Rebelation Linda Starnes  Showmanship & Western Riding
Bronze Sarges Choicey Boy Jessica Marlewski  Showmanship
Bronze Supremes Dog Soldier Cathy Gottlieb  Dressage & Games
Bronze Victory Trip Linda Starnes  Reining & Western Riding

2013 WHOA Versatility High point awards

2013 WHOA Versatility High point awards


  1. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen
  2. Victory Trip & Linda Starnes
  3. Sweet Dixie Delight & Linda Starnes


  1. Rebelation & Shelby Finch
  2. Victory Trip & Shelby Finch
  3. Victory Trip & Rachel Cowles


  1. Rebelation & Linda Starnes
  2. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen
  3. Victory Trip & Linda Starnes


  1. Heady Lamar                           Womack & Sims
  2. Heavenly Texas Cash            Phyllis Reed
  3. It's My Moment                         Jo Ann Dowell


1. Its Gametime                         John Dorris

2. Jazz King MVP                        Mr & Mrs Tim & Melissa Sager

2. I B Blue Denim                      Holly Schroeder


  1. Eyes On Me                            Mr & Mrs. Donnie Headrick
  2. Doc's War Horse                  Kline Farms
  3. Hi, I'm Johnetta Cash          Phyllis Brumagen 


  1. Shelby Finch
  2. Allison Thorson

3.   Alexis King


  1. Ada Kitty Keen
  2. Linda Starnes
  3. Sara Beth Arnold


  1. Scores Heartbreaker           Double Springs Farm
  2. The Red Light District         Phyllis Langley
  3. Trigger On The Prowl          Jo Ann Dowell


1. Rebelation & Shelby Finch

2. Ratchet & Michael Crisp

3. Heavenly Vision & Patricia Crisp


  1. Ratchet & Wanda Reagan
  2. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen

2.  Rebelation & Linda Starnes

3. Allen's Flashy Belle & Christine Adams


  1. The Red Light District        Phyllis Langley
  2. Mikimoto Pearl                    Cindy Adams
  3. I'm Shake N Bake              Jeff Gillespie


  1. I'm Sweet Lucy                       Rhonda Martocci
  2. I'm Gunn Powder & Lead    Randal & Kathy Baker
  3. What Will Be Will Be             Phyllis Langley


  1. I'm Heaven Bound               Phyllis Reed
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody         Rhonda Martocci

2.  Power Spark                         Vic Gernt

3. My Stormy Pride                    Womack Stables

3.  Playin Jazz In The Dark       Phyllis Langley

3.  Pushin Some Black Jazz     Kathy Owen


  1. Corona Gold                        Sandy Harris
  2. Perry's Criminal Intent       Angie Runnells
  3. Rev's Treasure                   Carolyn Gernt


  1. She's Jazz On The Rocks         Monty Miller
  2. Divine                                           Tina Bowling
  3. Jazz By Moonlight                      Jo Ann Palazo


  1. Suiza                                      Allison Thorson
  2. Wise Impact                          Vic Gernt
  3. High Tide Surfin                  Stacey Richards


  1. Shelby Finch
  2. Alexis King
  3. Emily Cotton


  1. I'm Lawless                         Phyllis Langley
  2. The Kings Reward             Kim Campbell
  3. Daddy's Cash                     Donnie Headrick


  1. Wise Impact                        Vic Gernt
  2. The Midnight Ride             Kristen Wilson

3.   I'm Shakira Shakira           Stephanie Richardson


  1. Gimme Solidarity               Angie Runnels
  2. I'm Sweet Lucy                   Rhonda Martocci
  3. Dangerous Willie              Carole E. Hill


  1. Ferdinand                           Moore & Leek

1.   Heady Lamar                    Sims & Womack

  1. Daddy's Cash                   Donnie Headrick
  2. The Kings Reward           Kim Campbell


  1. I'm Shake N Bake           Jeff Gillespie
  2. Good Luck Chuck           Rhonda Martocci

2.   I'm AK 47                          Gray & Lester

  1. Dales Bon Temps          Gladney Farms


  1. Gimme Solidarity             Angie Runnels
  2. What Will Be Will Be        Phyllis Langley
  3. I'm Sweet Lucy                 Rhonda Martocci


  1. Gimme Solidarity             Angie Runnels
  2. Hard Texas Breeze         Steve & Sharon Perry
  3. Arriba                                 Moore & Leek


  1. Patera                                 Moore & Leek

1.   Sundrop's Sassafras     Hollis Kelley

2.  The American Legend    Sandy Harris

3.   Revs Treasure                 Carolyn Gernt 


  1. No Fear of Jazz                           Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Headrick
  2. Divine                                            Tina Bowling
  3. She's Jazz On The Rocks         Monty Miller Family 


  1. Wise Impact                                  Vic Gernt
  2. Gen's Major League Player      Norgee Thompson
  3. Rising Cost                                 Wayne & Sandra Barnes


1.  I'm AK 47                                       Gray & Lester

2.  My Corazon                                   Leek & Moore

3.  Dales Bon Temps                     Gladney Farms


  1. She's Jazz On The Rocks        Monty Miller Family
  2. No Fear of Jazz                          Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Headrick
  3. I'm So Charismatic                   Hollis Kelley


  1. I'm Shake N Bake                  Jeff Gillespie
  2. The Redlight District            Phyllis Langley
  3. Revs Treasure                       Carolyn Gernt


  1. I'm Sweet Lucy                         Rhonda Martocci
  2. Dangerous Willy                      Carole E. Hill
  3. R. B. Banners Dixie Belle      Marilynne Macleod 


  1. Bohemian Rhapsody            Rhonda Martocci
  2. Sundrop's Sassafras            Hollis Kelley
  3. Jubilees Anasazi                   Cindy Adams


  1. Eye On The Title                    Jennifer Bingham

1.   Wise Impact                           Vic Gernt

2. Pushers Arc                              Marilyn Carter

2.   High Tide Surfin                     Stacey Richards

3. Gen's Major League Player     Norgee Thompson 


  •    1.  The Red Light District               Phyllis Langley

1.   I'm Shake N Bake                     Jeff Gillespie

2. Designer Champagne               Moore & Leek

3. Mikimoto Pearl                             Cindy Adams


  1. I'm Sweet Lucy                          Rhonda Martocci
  2. Vindicated                                 Jerry Myatt
  3. Gimme Solidarity                     Angie Runnels


  1. Walking Fierce                       Rachel Baker


  1. I'm All That Jazz                   Dr. Alan Bachert

1.   I'm Heaven Bound              Phyllis Reed

2.  Bohemian Rhapsody         Rhonda Martocci

2.   Power Spark                           Vic Gernt

3.   Miracle Generator              Sara Beth Arnold