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About WHOA


Since its inception in 1976, the Walking Horse Owners Association has been committed to the interests of Tennessee Walking Horse owners and the Walking Horse industry. That commitment remains just as strong today. Representing over 1,000 members nationwide, WHOA remains a strong voice for honesty, integrity and fairness in our industry.

WHOA promotes many Performance Walking Horse Events such as the International Grand Championships and supports many other one night shows. WHOA was on the forefront of promoting the plantation pleasure division and continues that tradition today through the Register of Merit program and a series of versatility shows and a versatility high point program. For the past 5 years WHOA has also sponsored the Academy Program promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse to our youth as well as running a summer camp at Montverde Academy each year. One underprivileged child is sponsored by WHOA to attend this camp each summer.

The Officers and Board of Directors of WHOA are required by bylaws to uphold the interests of the owners in our industry. The Tennessee Walking show horse in fact would not exist without the support and dedication of its owners. WHOA’s officers and directors meet this expectation by staying abreast of industry issues and representing the interests of its members in Washington, Middle Tennessee, and throughout the entire US.

Members of WHOA enjoy eligibility in many different high point programs, a directory of members through the WHOA web site, amateur and youth cards, and much more; but the real reason to maintain a membership in WHOA is to insure that the best interests of this great breed and their custodians, we the owners, are perpetuated.

Current Board of Directors - Advisory Board to Be Announced

over 1,000 members nationwide, WHOA remains a strong voice for honesty, integrity, and fairness in
our industry.


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Much like the pioneers of the 1800’s in search of a better way of life, the Walking Horse Owners’Association (WHOA) was founded by dedicated people of the Walking Horse industry in pursuit of a more active and honorable way to promote the breed. In December 1976, WHOA was formed as a nationwide program to upgrade the integrity of shows, sales and exhibitions of the Tennessee Walking Horse.


WHOA members receive:

- Eligibility in National High Point Program & Register of Merit program

- A vote in all election processes of WHOA

- Access to the members-only portion of the website

- Invitation to the annual WHOA National Convention which hosts informative seminars, the annual awards banquet, and the general membership meeting

- Involvement in an association that supports the interests of walking horse owners across the nation

- Corporate discounts at many equine and farm-related retailers.



Register of Merit
- Provides Plantation Pleasure horses and their exhibitors a showcase for their versatility
– For horses at least 2 years old, nominated by September 1 each year
– Point books issued yearly must be submitted by December 5
– Points earned by placing at any organized horse show, competitive or endurance ride, or other event
– Awards include Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Merit, Register of Merit (program’s highest honor), and Diamond Certificates.
– For more information, contact Sis Osborne.

National High Point
- Points accumulated at shows across the country affiliated with any HIO
– Points awarded based on placing at each show
– Awards presented each February at the WHOA National Convention

Youth Quest & Amateur High Point
- For members 17 & under
– Points earned at shows affiliated with any HIO
– Awards banquet held in February for top winners